As a lifetime resident, Teresa Rosiak  learned early on the value of hard work, teamwork, and perseverance. She graduated from Helix High School High School.  Currently, she is employed by a leading health care provider in San Diego county.  Teresa is a single mother of two wonderful young ladies pursuing their goals in California.

Teresa's leadership abilities earned her the past-president of the Lemon Grove Chamber of Commerce.  She has spent the last decade as an advocate for prosecuting the gravest offenders of domestic violence and human trafficking in our community, in addition to volunteering for a variety of charitable causes. 

As the Republican Mayor of Lemon Grove, she will continue to build on the 20 year legacy of our current Mayor Mary Teresa Sessom.

Today, Teresa wants to serve and would be honored to be your  voice as Mayor of Lemon Grove. A voice that echoes your concerns. A voice that matters. A voice that cares.

  • Public Safety First.
  • Change You Can Believe In.
  • Fiscal Responsibility. 
  • Dedicated to Business Development. 
  • Community Activism. 
  • Advocate for Our Schools and Kids.
  • Lifetime Lemon Grove Resident. 

"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer."

John F. Kennedy

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Teresa Rosiak

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Republican For MaYor of Lemon Grove

"We can't help everyone, but we can help   someone."

Ronald Reagan